Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to join Pets2Connect?

Yes. Creating a profile and using the website is 100% free for all members.

Can a business create a profile?

Yes. We allow vets, groomers, shelters, and a host of other businesses to create profiles so they can showcase their services and interact with members in their community.

Why should I join Pets2Connect?

We are the only pet social network that is designed to connect pet owners with likeminded individuals and service providers. We also offer great tools to help keep you organized like an organizer with a notification system to alert you about upcoming appointments.

Can I list more than one pet?

Yes. Once you have created your account you can login and add additional pet profiles.

How does the Pet Organizer work?

You simply upload files (like scanned PDFs) to keep your pet records organized. For appointment reminders, simply input a title and calendar info and you will be reminded the day of an event.

Why don’t you allow breeders on the website?

The Pets2Connect community has been designed as an advocacy for adoption and animal rights. While there are breeders who do practice their business ethically and morally, it is too difficult for Pets2Connect to verify that each and every organization is legitimate.

How do I upload documents for my pets?

A: Select "Organizer" from the top right under "Account Settings | Logout" and select the tab to add files. Files must be in .png .jpg & .jpeg

How do I post?

When creating a post, it is best to place the video or picture first and wait a few seconds and then add the writing.

How do I share to other networking sites?

Once a post has been created, other people can then share your post to other sites by clicking on the top right hand corner and sharing outward to other networks (the function for people to share their own posts to other sites has yet to be added, please stay tuned).