About Us

Pets2Connect is a premiere social media experience

networking pet parents, pet lovers, and pet enthusiasts to include the areas of fostering, rescuing, shelters, and those who provide other pet related services, all in one centralized location. Our members will enjoy the aspects of having a free social media profile where they will be able to share their pet information, to include veterinarian records, licensing dates, and vaccination dates, all of the ordinary to the extraordinary pet needs. The members will be able to connect with other like-minded pet parents, whether it a pig and a horse, or simply a cat and dog; people who enjoy taking their pets for a hike, to the trainer, groomer, or whatever the needs or even special needs of the pet may need for a healthy life, and so much more! No matter what your pet related need may be, Pets2Connect is your answer.


Darren is a single individual with several pet children, to include 6 dogs and 3 cats, amongst many stray and wildlife animals on the property in the city of Spokane Valley, Washington. Passions include playing with my pets, watching movies, and listening to classic rock. Darren also volunteers at his local shelters, humane societies, and helping animals across the nation finding loving families and homes. Currently undergoing a doctoral degree in Business Psychology, MBA in Business Finance, and many undergraduate degrees. On the off times, Darren spends time on ways to better the lives of animals in need.


Jake is in a relationship and raising two beautiful furry children. One is a Sheppard mix (we think with Rottweiler and possibly some Collie… Strange, we know) named Taz, and one is a fat, old black cat named Midnight that is nice as long as you are feeding him.  Currently in the mountainous region of Colorado Springs, Jake's family enjoys several outdoor activities and are always looking for opportunities that the whole family can enjoy. Jake has a Bachelor's of Science in Information Systems Security and strives for learning opportunities. While his job normally keeps him sitting behind a desk, Jake constantly looks for opportunity to get up and move around, including one on one training with end users, seemingly spending more time at other people's desks than his own.