Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions (last updated February 2, 2017)

Pets2Connect, its brands, products and services and any other associated products are governed by the relationships with the members, users, and any other party who interacts with Pets2Connect. In using or entering the services of Pets2Connect, you agree to the terms and conditions in accordance to the site. Since Pets2Connect offers an array of services, you may be encouraged to review and accept any additional terms that may apply to the use or your interaction of such specific product or service. These additional products and services are administered in consideration to the use of an advertisement, the app, or any other degree of conflict.


Privacy In use of Pets2Connect, we take your privacy to the highest importance, therefore crafting a Data Policy to better understand the importance of this privacy. Disclosures about the Pets2Connect and how to use it when sharing information with others and how you might gather and use your own personal information. We strongly urge you to read the Data Policy to make any decisions you may have in regards to sharing your information.

2.Information and Content Sharing

Information and content sharing on Pets2Connect is your own, and you completely regulate how it is shared with others through your own privacy settings and controls.   

  1. Regarding content that is covered under Intellectual Property rights, more specifically IP content, it is dependent on your own privacy settings and application settings, however, by entering into the sight, we are allowed temporary, non-exclusive, transferable, and sub-licensable, without royalty, global license to that Intellectual Property. Upon departure of your membership of Pets2Connect, and delete your affiliation with us, the agreement is null and void, and everything along with your profile is cancelled.
  2. In regards to Intellectual Property, once it is deleted, it is deleted completely from the site, however it is to be understood that there is backup copies that may exist with respect to a reasonable amount of time, but will not be obtainable to other people, users, or members of Pets2Connect.
  3. When using an application connected to Pets2Connect, it may inquire its own permissions to allow you access to your content and information and permissions to be shared with other users and members.
  4. In the idea of providing us feedback on the Pets2Connect, it is to be understood that we appreciate it, we are always glad to hear any suggestions and ideas, however it is with the agreement that there will be no compensation for such information.



  1. At Pets2Connect it is our goal to provide you with a safe and pleasurable experience, but we cannot guarantee it. We have put into place safeguards for your protection and encourage you to take every necessary precaution to ensure your own safety.

Pets2Connect Member’s Acounts

As a member, you will want to create an account to use our services. In creating the account, it is your responsibility to make the necessary precautions on your account, in doing so we suggest that you use a strong password to enter the account. We are not to be held liable for anything lost or damaged from anyone opting to not complying with the encouragement of a strong password. Pets2Connect allows a personal, global, free membership to a variety of pet products and services. This Terms of Service grants the user to be able to agree to our terms so that people can enjoy the benefit of connecting pet parents, pet enthusiasts, and any and all pet related businesses a way to connect with each other in a harmless and enjoyable manner. The services of Pets2Connect are copyrighted, trademarks, logos, domain names, and any other branded services are protected. We encourage our members to provide any questions, comments, or concerns that may arise regarding Pets2Connect to us directly on a voluntary basis, but in doing so know that no compensation will come of these interactions.

5.Intellectual Property

Any and all Intellectual Property that is designated to Pets2Connect belongs to Pets2Connect and any misuse, or wrongful use of the company’s logo will lead to legal action. This includes any use of the logo without permission from key personnel of the company.  


In use of site through the membership registered in your name and have violated any of the terms of service agreements or any otherwise misuse of the account, you will be at risk or possible exposure to legal action from us, and stop providing any and all services Pets2Connect provides to you. We will notify you by email or the next time you attempt to access your account. At any time, you may delete or disable your account with Pets2Connect.

7.Governing Law

At Pets2Connect we are to protect the rights of its users and the pets within their care. We do not prohibit any animal fighting clubs, individuals, or parties to be within our site. We will seek legal action toward any and all individuals who proceed to do so which will violate your agreement with us here at Pets2Connect.

If anyone decides to bring a claim against us related to such actions, content, or information here on Pets2Connect, you will protect and hold us innocent against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind, to include legal fees and costs, related to such claims.

Pets2Connectwill try to remain free from bugs, safe, but is still to be used at your own risk, and should be noted that there are no implied warranties on use of the accounts. Pets2Connect cannot guarantee that it will always be safe, secure, and/or free from any errors.

Pets2Connect does not tolerate harassment, threatening or abusive behavior, or intimidation. Material that is defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or infringe upon any copyright or person, for any person (to include posting, messaging, or any other viewing content), under these provisions as well as the laws of the jurisdiction where you use the Services may be subject to account dismissal as well as possible legal action. To use posting, messaging, emailing, or any other viewing content to obtain password, account, or any other private information is also prohibited. To create multiple accounts in the sole purpose to harass, defame, or bully any person or persons will also be subject to the same, of dismissal of the account and possible legal action. To use unauthorized copyrighted content which does not belong to you, with the exception of content that has explicit mention of the author(s) name(s) is also subject to account termination and possible legal action. Plus, you as per the agreement of this Terms of Service, you agree that you will not take any action that imposes, or may impose an unreasonable or inappropriate amount of load on the infrastructure, hinder or attempt to hinder the workings of the Pets2Connect site, and bypass any measures in the sole purpose to prevent access to Pets2Connect or for others to access Pets2Connect will also lead to dismissal of the account and possible legal action. To artificially or maliciously infiltrate any account, to create harm to another user, to advertise, or solicit any user to buy any products or services, or to use any information obtained from users in illegal activity or without prior consent will also lead to dismissal of the account and possible legal action.  

8.About these Terms

At any time Pets2Connect may modify these terms or add any additional terms that may become applicable to our site. Pets2Connect reserves the right to apply any applicable changes as well as any legal changes that may result in our Terms of Services. We encourage that you check the terms regularly and familiarize yourself with the Terms of Services in any chance that these changes may affect you. If you do not agree with any previous or modified terms, you may reserve your right to discontinue your account. These terms control the relationship between Pets2Connect and our members. All claims arising from or out of the disagreements of the Terms of Service can be presented in the federal or state courts of Spokane County, Washington, USA, which in then hereby allows you and Pets2Connect to consent to personal jurisdiction in those courts. If any questions or concerns may arise, you may always contact us on the contact us page.